Reversing European or Foreign Court Judgments

As the world becomes smaller, we’re witnessing more and more Court Judgments being obtained by Claimants, often in Spain, France or popular ex-pat, or second-home

Bullying and discrimination in the workplace

Bullying and discrimination in the work place happens far too often. It can happen to anyone at any level, in any organisation and for any


Pay Capital Gains Tax on property in 30 days

Residential property owners have had their fair share of tax changes to contend with in recent times. However, there is a further matter on the


Dilapidatiaons – A legal overview

What are dilapidations? Dilapidations generally refer to items of disrepair that are covered by covenants given by a tenant to a landlord in a formal lease

An Introduction to Dilapidations

The subject of Dilapidations is undoubtedly one of the main areas of dispute for landlords and tenants and it can be the subject of some