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The strength of social media in 2016

Over the past five years, social media use has grown faster than anyone would have believed. However, many businesses have only started to scratch the surface when understanding the power of social media.

It is pretty unheard of to find a business without a social media account but more often than not, business owners often explain that they have used social media but it delivered them very little or nothing. This is usually due to a lack of engaging content, understanding of their target audience or not finding out the best time of day to post.

Having a presence on social media can be a huge advantage, many businesses use the right social channels but do not use them correctly.

For example, a business selling used car parts would not achieve traffic by posting on YouTube, however if they replied to users comments they could potentially gain valuable traffic. Additionally, Facebook would provide a good B2C targeted market.

Here are a few social suggestions:

• Talk to your customer… Customers gain loyalty through social media engagement. Replying to customers via social media can not only improve the relationship between you and that customer but it also instils faith in you as a business to potential customers.

• Don’t fall into the shouting trap, ‘we have a sale’, ‘we are the best because…’, engage with your followers, ask them for feedback and their opinion. Social media is a tool for listening, not just talking.

• Gain from it, social media is also a great platform for you to gain valuable information about what your customers interests are and what keeps a smile on their faces.

• Don’t be half-hearted, if you can’t post once a day, don’t do it at all.

In short, it is essential to manage your social media accounts correctly, it’s crucial for growing your website traffic, improved sales and increased exposure. If you can’t, get a professional to do it for you.

Facts and figures

Facebook is currently the leading social network with 1.19 billion users.

YouTube has an extremely large audience of 1 billion users.

Google+ has 2.2 billion users however every person with a gmail account automatically has an account, They have 111 million active users.

Twitter has around 645 million users.

Instagram have around 400 million users.

LinkedIn reaches around 396 million.

These facts are possibly the simplest way of showing truly how effective social media really can be. To think that over 67% of each social media site users log into their accounts daily, social media becomes a gold mine waiting to be struck.

No matter what your business size, why not start now and get your social media planned for 2016/7. The number of users on social media is only growing stronger and stronger, which gives any business with the right planning an advantage.

Tactics to Exploit the Power of Social Media for Business

>> Knowledge sharing is most effective
Use social media as a method to showcase your expertise. One of the major methods to achieving this is by simply answering the other questions.

>> The ‘Social’ element is an important aspect
With social media you need to be social. Ironically, the social aspect is often ignored.

>> An ultimate resource for information
You can use social media sites to find followers’ views and opinions on the current trends within the market.

>> Following your brand on the web
One of the important methods to building a relationship with your potential clients is to address their concerns and issues.

>> Steer good news pertaining to your brand
Social media can help you to share your brands achievements and milestones.

>> Maintain brand consistency
Whether you are using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or simply checking Foursquare or posting a video on YouTube, you are never supposed to lose sight of your brand.

>> Network Both on and Offline
The moment you start using social media for networking, it is always recommended to engage your connections or network offline as well.

>> Things over social media are irreversible
Social media has no do-over. It is an irreversible thing. The moment you post something online, despite deleting it instantly, many active users over the various social media platforms would come to know what you shared or said.

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