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Victoria Avenue improvements

Victoria Avenue could get a new and improved car park, and up to 52 new homes.

Two of the proposed new projects are to spend up to £10.9m over the next four years reconstructing the ageing car park adjacent to the former Central Library with a larger car park and redeveloping the Civic East car park with around 52 new homes.

The Victoria Avenue car park that served the former library provides 165 spaces, and the Civic East car park (sta parking behind Civic Centre) provides 164 spaces. The new car park could provide 335 to 410 spaces depending on the height.

In a separate project, it is also proposed that £400,000 is spent from April 2016 to March 2018 to improve general car park infrastructure.

Pay and display equipment will be upgraded across all car parks, there will be surface improvements at East Beach and Rayleigh Road, lighting upgrades at Belton Gardens, layout alterations to improve accessibility and security and communication links with the CCTV service at University Square, and communication link improvements with the CCTV service at Tylers Avenue.

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