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Train your finance team it’s good for your business!

Samantha Sutton

Southend Adult Community College

There is a clear link between business planning and staff training and development.

Up-skilling your staff is good for your business and good for your workforce. Business owners can improve performance, productivity, competitiveness and staff morale.

Research conducted this year by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) found that over a million UK employees are spending more time on taking tea breaks than on improving their skills and abilities through any form of formal training or accredited learning.

It is easy for employers to overlook training and development. There are always pressures on time and money and many small businesses see staff development as an extravagance that they cannot afford.

There has never been a more important time to focus, both through internal and external training of new and current employees looking to increase their skills and qualifications.

” The entries for Best New Training Provider were of the highest calibre and our judges have had their work cut out selecting the winner.

We congratulate Southend Adult Community College on this success, and we hope that businesses in Southend and the surrounding area take the opportunity to consider the benefits of hiring from a quality training provider based on their doorstep. 

Mark Farrar – CEO at AAT”

The good news is that staff training needn’t cost a fortune and with relatively little effort employers can increase productivity and reduce costs.

‘How’, I hear you ask?


Invest in an AAT Accounting Apprenticeship with Southend Adult Community College. Support your business and train your Finance Team to industry recognised standards.

Why an AAT Accounting Apprenticeship?

AAT Accounting Apprentices receive training to match your business growth needs.

As an employer you can pass on your experience and support your apprentice’s development.

AAT is the UK’s leading qualification and professional body for vocational accountants – with over 130,000 members around the world and offers a range of vocational and Apprenticeship qualifications that are open to all, regardless of previous qualifications or age.

Why Southend Adult Community College?

At the 2016 Awards Southend Adult Community College was selected as the AAT Best New Training Provider in the country!

The College effectively works in partnership with employers to choose what new skills your workforce gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of your business for now and in the future.

Clare Rourke and Allan Ramsay ATT President

” The AAT award for Best New Training Provider is an acknowledgement that the College has achieved the highest standards. We reflect the quality of the awarding organisation’s qualifications. Our strong, highly skilled team focus on delivery, development and support. We continually review and improve our courses to meet the demands of employers, learners and the skills required in the workplace. We developed the use of technology within our courses to match the needs of the workplace and future accounting staff. We value feedback and act on this, to consistently provide first class AAT accounting courses. Having studied and worked in accountancy since 1988, I have a great belief in the value of the AAT qualifications. “

Clare Rourke, AAT Accountancy Tutor