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Booming Southend business to create 200 new jobs next year


Southend-based company Ventrica has expanded its contact centre to 330 seats and plans to create 200 new jobs as business booms.

Ventrica provides outsourced customer management services. The company offers a variety of inbound and outbound telemarketing services for market research, data cleansing, data mining and database building, along with appointment setting, direct sales and product recall services.

The opening of a new penthouse suite in Tylers Avenue means the company can now start to expand its workforce from 280 to 480 full and part-time staff, operating across a 24/7 period. An additional site at another location is also part of the company’s future strategy over the next 12 to 18 months, and will ultimately add a further 300 seats to the operation.

Dino Forte, Managing Director and founder of Ventrica, said: “Our vision for the whole centre is to create amazing spaces that change peoples’ thoughts. Everything’s about the staff. We want everyone to be proud to work here and feel inspired to surpass the expectations of both our clients and their customers.”

In related news, 57 members of staff at Converso call centre in Southend were told the business was closing because of work being outsourced to India. Following the announcement, Converso’s founder and former owner Dino Forte put an announcement out on social media sites, inviting Converso employees to come to an open day at his new company Ventrica.

He sold Converso to an Indian conglomerate in 2007.