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Pairing and sharing

Boned Skate Wing

stuffed with Crab and Lobster with Lemon and Chive

We are so lucky to have so much fresh fish from around the world readily available at most good fish mongers. The fish farming market is huge now with bass, bream, and salmon to name a few.

In recent years we have seen a huge decline in Cod, Eel and Bass stocks, we do have one fish that is thriving locally, The Thorny Back Tay (skate).

Over the years, many of us have been put off of Skate, whether it’s the fiddly bones or a bad experience with that ammonia smell.

The bones are an easy one to sort, see (right) how to fillet the fish. The latter problem is also related to the bones (which is actually Cartilage). The fish, when alive is permanently moving which in turn is passing fluids through this cartilage. Once the fish is caught this fluid remains still and turns stagnant. Causing that smell and flavour through the flesh. The answer is to buy as fresh as you can and then fillet the wings.

The dish that I have suggested in my opinion works fantastically with the Louis Latour Ardeche, the delicate white flesh with crab, lobster and a buttery creamy sauce is a marriage made in heaven. Enjoy!


3 medium skate wings

1lb lobster

1 cock crab

4 spring onions


1 pint fish stock

(made with crab and lobster shells)

1 lemon

1 bunch of chives

2 knobs of butter

1/2 pint of cream


1 To fillet the skate wings lay on a board with the thick flesh upwards and cut down from the fat end, following the bone to the thin part of the wing.

2 Turn over and do the same on the thin side.

3 Remove the claws from the body and cut the lobster in half lengthways. Remove the tail meat.

4 Crack the claws and knuckles with a small hammer and remove the meat.

5 Remove the legs and claws of the crab, crack and remove meat.

6 With the tips of your thumbs push underneath at the tail and split the top shell from the body. Scoop out the dark meat from the shell. Remove the feathery lungs.

7 Cut the body in half and pick out the meat from the body cavities. Finger through the meat to ensure that there is no shell.

8 Chop the claw and tail meat from both the crab and lobster.

9 Chop the spring onions and mix with the crab and lobster.

10 Lay out flat the skate wing skin side up and place a large pinch of the crab and lobster mix in the middle, fold the fat end over and then the sides in and roll. You will need to use two of the thin sides, place the two thin edges overlapped and repeat.

11 To cook, place in a roasting tin with a little water, cover with tin foil and cook in a pre heated oven for 12 minutes, (the skate will feel as if the layers will part.

12 Reduce the stock, squeeze in the lemon and reduce again, add the cream and reduce, add the chopped chives, and butter.

13 Place the skate in the centre of the plate and spoon over the sauce.

14 Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve