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Job applications filtered by university ranking. Companies are keeping CVs from those who went to the top-24 institutions and scrapping the rest. Research has found that four-fifths of students who went to Russell Group universities secured full-time work within weeks of graduating, compared with two-thirds of those from other universities.

Reversing European or Foreign Court Judgments

As the world becomes smaller, we’re witnessing more and more Court Judgments being obtained by Claimants, often in Spain, France or popular ex-pat, or second-home destinations where a Defendant hasn’t participated in the Court process.  Sometimes this is extremely unfair; Court papers may have been served in accordance with local

Bullying and discrimination in the workplace

Bullying and discrimination in the work place happens far too often. It can happen to anyone at any level, in any organisation and for any reason. In cases of bullying and discrimination,  it can affect anyone in an organisation from a Chief Officer in a large public organisation to a

What is Intellectual Property?

A question often asked is ‘what is Intellectual Property and how do I protect it?’ The basic concept of Intellectual Property (“IP”) is that of protecting the products, results and rewards of human and commercial enterprise. The property rights of those ‘things’ (be it a slogan, design, brand or invention

Cyber Liability

Insurance FAQs Does a cyber insurance policy cover offline and online exposure? Yes. Policies are triggered by the breach of electronic and non-electronic data that includes theft and loss. This means that you have insurance for exposures that may range from a sophisticated hack to a sensitive piece of hard data ending

Does your business need cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance has existed since the 1990s, yet far too many companies still choose to ignore it, putting themselves at potentially enormous risk.  According to the latest figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), just 11pc of businesses in the UK have a specific cyber insurance policy, yet the Government’s

Dilapidatiaons – A legal overview

What are dilapidations? Dilapidations generally refer to items of disrepair that are covered by covenants given by a tenant to a landlord in a formal lease of commercial property.  In this article, the term “dilapidations” covers breaches of the tenant’s covenant relating to the physical condition of the premises when the

An Introduction to Dilapidations

The subject of Dilapidations is undoubtedly one of the main areas of dispute for landlords and tenants and it can be the subject of some huge claims made against tenants, leading to costly and expensive court cases Many tenants will happily sign up for their commercial property, blissfully unaware that they

Famous insurance claims of the past

It’s only when a claim arises that the true quality of any insurer is properly tested; and time and time again, Lloyd’s of London has risen to challenges of the most extreme kind. San Francisco earthquake in 1906; the sinking of the Titanic  in 1912; and the 9/11 attacks on