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Which path for my child’s education?

Being a parent who has been through the education process with my two children who are now in employment, selecting schools can be extremely stressful. The potential high costs and commitment associated with private education, it soon becomes clear that this form of financial planning and decision making will require

Enforcement Options

Given the 33% increase in CCJs, it’s now more important than ever to know your enforcement options. The number of county court judgments increased dramatically in 2017. Whilst the November to December 2017 statistics are yet to the released, the statistics for the rest of the year show an average increase

Investments… Where next?

In the last edition, I outlined my thoughts that many asset values are looking expensive in historical terms. Just to remind you the US equity markets are at all-time highs, the UK market at the time of writing this very close to all-time highs, European markets are showing signs of

Dividends rates, they are changing

A dividend is a distribution of profit reserves by a company to its shareholders, and often represents a more tax-efficient method of remunerating a company’s management than through the payroll alone. The usual form of such distributions is in cash but can also constitute the issue of new shares in

Record keeping for your new business

So you have set up your business, you have decided on the trading style and started to make those first all-important sales. You may now be concerned about what is needed to ensure you comply with reporting and record keeping obligations? Self employed sole trader or partnership HMRC require you to keep

Final salary pensions

There has been much written in the media lately about Final Salary or Defined Benefit pensions. Whilst they have been a bedrock of pension planning for many larger employers over the years, the majority of them are now struggling to meet their long-term liabilities, and as the sponsoring employer is

Tax rates

4 Business guide to various tax rates 2017/18 Income tax allowances Personal allowance 11,500 Income limit for personal allowance 100,000 Marriage allowance 1,150 Married couple's allowance 8,445 Trading allowance 1,000 Property income allowance 1,000 Dividend allowance 5,000 Personal savings allowances for: Basic rate taxpayers 1,000 Higher rate taxpayers 500 Income tax bands Basic rate 0 - 33,500 Higher rate 33,501 -

Hold on to those pensions

A good inheritance plan will let you pass down an asset to whoever you choose free of tax on your demise, but being able to use it yourself if required beforehand. A defined contribution (DC) pension plan lets you do just that. Some of the main aspects of the new pension

Holistic advice and planning

I have written many articles on specific topics concerning Pensions, ISAs, Investments, Inheritance Tax, Life Assurance and other Financial Services products, but how do you bring all the various aspects of these products together to ensure you are maximising returns and minimising tax? Let’s look at the example of a retired

Mind the gap

Lloyd Fernley Joseph Lamb According to recent figures if you are between 40 and 49 years old you are now classed as the most prolific divorcers! If you are in this age bracket and divorcing you will more than likely have personal wealth in terms of assets and pension provision, and as