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Two grape varietals Four Italian classics

As a wine merchant for many years, I would love a pound for every time I am asked which are my favourite wines - as though I have the secret to eternal wine-drinking happiness! My response is generally disappointing as I explain that it all depends on the mood, the

From field to plate, the perfect autumnal salad

It was Saturday 30th September, a crisp autumn morning with no rain. I had been looking forward to this day for many months and it was finally here. I had been invited to ‘Beat’ on one of the finest Partridge shoots in the South East of England the second week

Equity release and retirement

Some people soon to be retired are likely to have very little provision by way of savings in their later years. With medical advancement increasing life expectancy, the demise of final salary schemes plus the pension rules allowing earlier access for those who ‘want to enjoy it now whilst they

How much is long term care going to cost me?

Statistics show that we are generally living longer and during this time we are accumulating more asset wealth such as property and inheritances. The result of increasing life expectancy, aligned with the ever increasing cost of care, is that many people are going to be faced with some spiteful bills

Why Chardonnay is back in vogue

As suppliers of wines to restaurants, bars and hotels it has been evident in recent years that Chardonnay has fallen out of favour with the general British palate. This noble grape through no fault of its own has been subjected to unfair criticism and disapproval. Anything But Chardonnay - also

Pairing and sharing

Boned Skate Wing stuffed with Crab and Lobster with Lemon and Chive We are so lucky to have so much fresh fish from around the world readily available at most good fish mongers. The fish farming market is huge now with bass, bream, and salmon to name a few. In recent years we