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Helping the homeless

In each edition of 4 Business, we will be choosing a local charity to support, with a feature and a donation of £1000. Our chosen charity for spring edition is HARP, Southend’s leading homeless charity, which helps local people overcome homelessness for good. HARP has recently opened White Heather House, a

Lower Thames Crossing update

The latest design update on plans for a new Lower Thames Crossing between Essex and Kent – which will be the largest road scheme in the UK – have been praised by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP). A new design for the proposed junction with the M25 between junctions

And Finally…

Could a shorter working week solve employment ills? British economist John Maynard Keynes famously predicted back in 1930 that thanks to the progress of technology, his grandchildren would only have to work 15-hour weeks. So was Keynes right? Not even close. The average British employee puts in 45 hours a

News in Brief – May 2018

Cheers! Food and drink businesses raised £22 billion from exports in 2017, a record high according to government figures. UK businesses are now exporting products to 217 countries around the world, with whisky proving the most popular - bringing in £4.5 billion. This was followed by sales of salmon (£720m), chocolate

More rural funding available

There is now more time available for rural businesses to prepare their applications for funding. The Rural Payments Agency has just confirmed that the closing date for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) has been extended to 31 May 2018 and the new completion date for projects is now 31 December 2020. This

A127/A130 Fairglen Interchange

On 6th February, drivers, residents and businesses were encouraged to give their views on multi-million pound plans to modernise a major junction in south Essex. Essex County Council launched a six-week public consultation on a major scheme to reduce congestion and improve safety at the A127/A130 Fairglen Interchange. The proposals include: • A

Leader lobbies government for ‘no strings’ business rates deal

Essex County Council’s leader Cllr David Finch lobbied MPs in February for urgent clarity over the Government’s business rate reform plans. Cllr Finch was invited to give evidence to the CLG Select Committee where he sought greater transparency on plans to let all local councils keep 75% of business rates from

Covert recordings

Can I record meetings or conversations secretly or without obtaining consent? Why make recordings? In many legal disputes the parties will need to ask a judge, to some extent, to determine which party’s version of events is correct. In civil (i.e. non-criminal) proceedings, the judge will decide which party’s version of events


Using contractual terms to protect yourself from the consequences Malicious content infecting the computer systems of your business, and particularly ransomware, can have a devastating impact on your business. This article looks at the contractual provisions that you can use in contracts to try and mitigate the impact of such an

A false sense of security?

" We need to be more aware than ever that asset values cannot go up forever " As it is now ten years on since the collapse of Northern Rock and the visible start of the Global Financial Crisis it seems appropriate to step back and remember a few basic principles of